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Warranty / Guarantee

PositionItem numberDesignationQuantityUnit price (net)Total price (net)
Workload in hours* 48 €
Mileage allowance* 0,65 €
Total amount (net)€ 0
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Guarantee and warranty guidelines

We reserve the right to check warranty work carried out at the end customer

Excluded from the warranty are damages:

Wear parts, V-belts, filters, lighting fluids, operating fluids, broken glass on headlights, etc. are excluded from the warranty.

Furthermore, damage due to the following causes is excluded from the warranty:

In the operating instructions are listed under the items daily maintenance, weekly maintenance and the following the individual maintenance work.

Only trained and qualified personnel may carry out repairs.

Adhere to the operating instructions.

Saphir Maschinenbau GmbH is not liable for damage caused by failure to observe these points. The risk is borne solely by the user / operator.

The hourly billing rate is 48.00 €

The driving distance is compensated for each kilometer driven with 0.65 €, maximum 80km.